1. Refreshing, light and crisp!

Prickly pear has a unique mellow berry taste that is refreshing & not too sweet, perfect on its own or as a mixer! Plus it has under 5 grams of sugar & less than 35 calories!

2. Super Hydration & Rare Antioxidants

Contains 5 naturally occurring electrolytes, crucial for maintaining hydration. Additionally, has an abundant amount of polyphenols, flavonoids, and vitamin C, surpassing the levels found in numerous popular superfruits.

3. Go-to Beverage post workout or after a big night

Betalain pigments in cactus water helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. Cactus water is also shown to aid digestion, balance blood sugar, improve your skin and is a proven hangover remedy.

4. Mix it Up! Caliwater Mixology

Caliwater shines on its own, but also is incredibly versatile. It makes delicious cocktails, with or without alcohol, enhances smoothies and is a wonderful frozen delight!

5. Sustainable Plant Based Beverage

We source our prickly pear cacti from Mexico, cactus require 80% less water than traditional crops making them one of Mother Nature’s most sustainable without the need of pesticides or fertilizers. Our cans are 100% recyclable.